Urban Classy Spotlight: Sarah Vega

Posted on Sep 22 2017 - 5:26pm by Marjoriet Matute

Name: Sarah Vega

City/State: Newark, NJ

Age: 33

Occupation: Creator of Dique! Podcast and Dique Eats! Think Anthony Bourdain meets Angie Martinez. A urban socialite with Global mentality. In my podcast, i talk about my growing pains of being 30 something and in Dique Eats! I show where you can eat in different parts of the country without breaking the bank. 

Gadget of choice: (for your profession) iPhone 7!!!

Personal Style: Chameleon. I am a Scorpio, I have more than one aesthetic.

Inspired by: the past, present and future. Hookers and bloggers. Porn stars and pastors. Think Broad and Market meets Rodeo Drive. Menswear and makeup. Vintage with a minimalistic feel. 

Urban Classy is: A chick with hood tendencies that knows how to act when the time is right! An inner city dweller that knows there is more to explore than her hood. Aka me!

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