Sweet Chick Gives Me Life

Posted on Mar 21 2016 - 2:57pm by Marjoriet Matute

Unless you live under a rock, you already know who John Seymour is and have heard of Sweet Chick. This is for the few who haven’t.


So, funny story – I graduated Culinary School in 98 and am obsessed with food. My career took a turn and I left the kitchen officially in May of 2015. Although I left, I seem to gravitate towards Foodies. It’s a thing. Fast forward to my first shoot with Jonathan Mannion, we’re on set at Pier 59 shooting for the iconic Straight Outtta Somewhere campaign. 100 celebrities in 3 days were shot and were plastered all over social media. No biggie.

So in walks John Seymour and I have no idea who he is. Shame on me. As he starts his shoot, he is the only one I’m curious about. Not sure why, but food energy is thick and it must of just been surging. So, I did what anyone would do, I googled him. Oh, Hi Chef John. I knew it – he was a fellow foodie.

img_2814.jpgThe rest is history. I obviously have to support those who e
ntrust their life and lead with passion. His career has succeeded that of an upbringing in a bar, neighborhood icon and intertational food star. He has partnered up with Hip Hop’s God Son, Nas and dishes out the most insane chicken and waffle combo.

Too much talk and too little eating. Go check out his infamous Sweet Chick restaurants yourself and tell me what you think? What’s your favorite? Most importantly, did you google John yet? Visual comfort food for the soul.

Don’t forget to get your merch. I was in a slight food coma and forgot to snag a hoodie, oh well, excuses to return flatter me.

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