Marjoriet Matute
Mother, Founder, Writer & Cancer Survivor

Welcome to my world! Rather than a stuffy bio tooting horns and blowing whistles, I’d like to simply welcome you to my piece of cyber space. Here I can wrangle all that I juggle and share with you some pretty cool shit.

I manage to spread myself thin on a few different platforms, maybe for some I do too much, but for me I don’t ever feel like I’m doing enough.

Blogging for the Huffington Post & CNN has opened a lot of doors and introduced me to some pretty cool people. I have a large celebrity cliental and have been sought out by the entertainment industries most popular personalities. Favoring a more personal approach, I conduct one-on-one interviews with mostly all of my clients. My favorite part about that is building lasting relationships with managers, publicists, stylists and talent.

One of the many highlights of my career was writing “Devin’s Helmet Adventure.” It’s a fun book spotlighting Plagiocephaly, also known as Flat Head Syndrome. Through colorful illustrations and playful content I helped create awareness and understanding about this pediatric condition.

Aside from writing, I am the Founder and President of a non-profit organization, “Devin & Tristan Give Back.”  DTGB helps spread awareness on diverse topics, popular issues and helps guide communities to get involved in the act of giving back. Check it out and don’t be shy. Donate, volunteer or simply repost us!

As for the bread and butter, I manage legendary photographer Jonathan Mannion‘s studio full-time. Not too shabby.

So, with all that I’ve decided to combine my personal maternal experiences & love for writing to help create quality editorials. Urban Classy is a clickable version of my life. I share all the things I love and hope to inspire the modern mom, business woman, philanthropist, entrepreneur, home cook, or even single chick surfing the web. I offer my opinion on relationships, food, fashion and of course, entertainment. Follow me as I hop in and out of trending events, review products or dish what’s for dinner.

Sensitive Material

I am in fact a cancer survivor who is dedicated to giving back. Diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma  in 1999, I received both chemotherapy and radiation over the course of a year. I was 17 and told due to treatment that I would never have children. That changed my life.

During treatments in the hospital, I witnessed first-hand, as a teen patient, how both children and parents coped with illness. My own parents fought financial and emotional battles that seemed impossible to recover from but with the help of volunteers and hospital staff, they were always able to get by. I am forever grateful for their support and love can never be measured.

After beating the odds, today I am a busy mom of two boys. (Yeah, you heard that – 2 boys!)

 I manage to juggle more than the average woman. I founded a thriving non-profit while holding down various other jobs. Serving as President of DTGB, attending social engagements throughout NYC and dealing with my two little men, Devin & Tristan, I continue to stay on my toes and do not shy away from opportunity.

In between mom hours and events, I find time to write, put my culinary degree to good use and spend as much time with family as I can.There is never a dull moment but with my passion to GIVE BACK fuels me to find time, energy and resources to make DTGB the success it has been thus far and I’m positive that it’s success will be highly influential.

For more information about Devin & Tristan Give Back, click here. We accept all forms of donations.